Sweatshirts for Scholarships

Sweatshirts for Scholarships is a pilot program for Essential Yoga Studio community Seva (or service), launching in February 2024.

The purpose of Sweatshirts for Scholarships is to support financial collaboration between students – a student with financial means has the opportunity to be of service and support to a student in financial need by purchasing an Essential Yoga Studio logo sweatshirt at a higher purchase price, a portion of which is allocated to the Sweatshirts for Scholarships program.

How it works: Sweatshirts are available for purchase in-studio (or by reaching out to Sunni!) for either $35 or $50; if a sweatshirt is purchased at $50 then $15 of that price option is allocated directly to Sweatshirts for Scholarships. The Sweatshirts for Scholarships program capacity (and scholarship availability), at this time, is dependent upon contributions by students and is tracked solely by EYS owner and manager, Sunni.

Scholarships are partial (ie NOT for the full amount of a class package or monthly membership) and are for current students only – in the amount of $15, making the price for one 5-class in-studio Card $55 or a single monthly membership rate $75. A student may apply for a scholarship by sharing an email expressing their need to Essential Yoga Studio’s owner, Sunni.

Interested in purchasing a sweatshirt, have questions, or need support? Contact Sunni via email at sunnshineyogallc@gmail.com