I’m new to Essential Yoga Studio, where do I start? If you have not attended a class at our studio, you are eligible for our New Student Special – 4 weeks for $40. You can find this option under the Pricing tab. During the purchasing process, you will be prompted to create a Mindbody profile – please retain the login email and password for future booking as all class and event bookings can be done through the MindBody app. After you have made your purchase, you can begin signing up for classes under the ‘Book a Class’ tab. Once your 4 weeks New Student Special expires, you can choose the best pricing option to continue your classes with us. 

Which one should I choose – a Class Card or a Monthly Membership? Really, this comes down to your finances and your intended class participation. Our drop-ins are $15 per class and if you plan to attend ONLY one class (or less) per week at Essential, then a 5- or 10- class card is the more economical option for you. Class Cards expire in one year. However, if you plan to practice 2 or more times per week at Essential, then the most economical option is our Monthly Unlimited Membership (which does NOT have an annual contract and renews month to month).

What if I book a class and then can’t make it? If you sign up for a class and cannot make it, we ask that you cancel your booking as soon as possible and at least TWO hours prior to class. This will allow the next person on the waitlist to join us. You can cancel via our website under the My Profile tab, or on the Mindbody app.

What if the class I want to attend is full? If the class is full, you will be placed on the waitlist. When, and if, another student cancels, you will automatically be added to the class and will receive an email and/or text message informing you of your change in status. If your plans have changed, please cancel your booking as soon as possible.

How should I prepare for class and what should I bring? It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach or after a light meal; we suggest not eating a meal for about two hours prior, or a half hour after a light snack. Show up for class 5-15 minutes early and wear comfortable, breathable clothing which does not restrict your movement. Practice is usually done barefoot but some folks prefer purchasing and wearing “yoga socks.” Mats and all other props are provided for use in the studio if you do not have your own (which you are welcome to bring.)

How do I access virtual classes? You can sign up for our virtual, live-streamed classes under the Book a Class tab on our website. 30 minutes before class, you will receive an email with the link to join. This process will require your login info, so please have it handy. You will enter the live-stream with your mic and camera set to OFF, but can choose to turn them on if you’d like.

What are the benefits of yoga? People who practice yoga consistently may expect the following benefits: stress relief, reduced muscle and joint pain, improved strength and flexibility, better balance and posture, increased energy, a sense of calm or ease in the midst of everyday life.

I’m new to yoga. Which classes are appropriate for me? If you are new to yoga, try starting with our Gentle Yoga, Restorative, or Embodied Flow classes which focus on light stretching and strengthening with proper alignment and more internal practices. Continue with these classes if you enjoy a relaxed pace. When and if you are ready for new challenges, try out our Essential Flow classes or Yang Yoga. All classes are open level and made approachable to beginners with the use of modifications and props.

Does Essential Yoga offer private lessons? Yes! A private yoga class designed around your needs and abilities is a safe and easy way to build a healthy yoga habit. Beginners to yoga benefit from clear explanations and patient instruction to effectively learn the basics. Students with healed injuries also benefit from learning safe alignment techniques to prevent further injury. Cost is $60 per hour-long class. Please contact the Studio by email or phone for more information and to set up your appointment.

What if I’m not flexible – can I still practice yoga? Being flexible is not a requirement for doing yoga! We come to yoga to increase our strength, flexibility, and overall wellbeing. We all start with different levels of flexibility, and you’ll begin to see results in a way that is safe and works for your specific body as you practice.

How often should I practice yoga? The more regularly you practice yoga, the more improvement you may see in your balance, strength, flexibility, and/or mobility as well as your mental health, stress relief, and stress management. We recommend at least two classes per week, but even one can provide benefits. By committing to a routine in your practice, you’ll begin to see results both physically and mentally.

Is yoga compatible with my spiritual beliefs? Yes. Yoga is NOT a religion. It is a collection of techniques designed to develop health and wellbeing and an ongoing connection between mind, body, and breath.

What if I have health concerns or prior injuries? Before class, mention any pre-existing conditions to your instructor so they can instruct modifications for postures that will benefit you along with the rest of the class. If there is any concern, please discuss with your healthcare provider.